Playing, sporting or working: For all situations is safety extremely important. At Sidijk, we therefore use certified and reliable materials and work with experienced craftsmen. Wherever in the world, Sidijk supplies high-quality products that meet the right standards. From the very first design to the final product; safety is always on top of mind.

Safety has top priority

From the very first design, the safety of the users is examined and the latest safety requirements and standards are immediately taken into account. Whether it concerns the safety of skaters on a skating rink, children in an indoor playground or farmers covering their trench silo. By putting safety first, Sidijk aims for maximum enjoyment in leisure, maximum performance in sports and maximum efficiency for the (agricultural) industry.

Inspection Sidijk
Inspection Sidijk

Sidijk: pioneer in safety for trampoline parks and indoor playgrounds

The safety of the users of our products is always our main concern. It is for that reason that Sidijk is a member of various standards committees, set up to draw up international safety guidelines for trampoline parks and indoor playgrounds. For instance, Sidijk is a member of various NEN committees and the CEN committee.

In the Netherlands, the NEN is the knowledge network for the development and application of standards at national and international level. In 2018, a standards committee was set up, including our colleague Niels Nieuwland, to lay down safety requirements for trampoline parks in the Netherlands in a standard. In this way, Sidijk is always up to date with the latest safety requirements.

Collaboration with inspection authorities

Sidijk cooperates with various inspection authorities. For example, Sidijk collaborates with the Keurmerkinstituut and TÜV SÜD to make sure every product is secure of the latest safety standards.

Veiligheid Sidijk Keuring
Veiligheid Sidijk Keuring

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