Sidijk wants to contribute to the circular economy. That is why we use sustainable industrial textiles in our production process and devote our full attention to the recycling of residual materials. Besides, our business process runs entirely on renewable energy.

Minimum waste of materials

At Sidijk we make optimal use of all materials to minimize waste. Our CadCam cutting machines are equipped with nesting software. This ensures that the elements to be cut and placed as close together as possible,=. In this way we can reduce the cutting waste to an absolute minimum.

The cutting waste that remains goes to our sewing training program. In this way our colleagues can learn new sewing techniques with the residual material, instead of new materials. Moreover, they make the most fun products from the residual materials! From complete sports bags to training attributes.

sewing training residual material gift set
sewing training residual material

In addition to air, foam is often used to fill our products. Most pieces of foam are cut exactly to size by our supplier. The waste pieces of the foam that we do cut ourselves are collected and then returned to the supplier. The supplier shreds the foam into small flakes and processes it into poly-press plates, a type of foam that we also use for our products. This is how we make optimal use of all materials.

Green energy for Sidijk

In May 2020, we installed 792 solar panels on the roof of our production facility, accounting for approximately 181,150 kWh of electricity. These solar panels provide Sidijk with green electricity. We even produce so much that we supply electricity back to the power-grid!

▪ 792Solar panels ▪ 181.150 kWh generated ▪ Equal to annual electricity consumption of 60-65 households

Sidijk Solar Panels Sustainability
Sidijk Solar Panels Sustainability

Safety and durability

Sidijk designs and manufactures products for leisure, sports and industry. For the various products we make, we use different types of technical textiles. The most important aspects on which we always focus when choosing new fabrics and materials are safety and durability.

The materials Sidijk uses are of a high European quality and comply with the REACH standard. This means, among other things, that the technical textile contains a minimum amount of chemicals and is moreover very safe. Safe for both our employees and end-users. In addition, our materials are strong, durable and can, therefore, last for years.

Would you like to know more about our steps towards a circular economy? We would be happy to tell you more about our working method and the precautions Sidijk is taking.

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