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At Sidijk we work every day with passion on smart and hip products for leisure, sport and industry. And whether you opt for safety, fun factor or functionality; at Sidijk you will always find a product that stands head and shoulders above the rest. We started in 1978 as a manufacturer of air cushions. Today our products, of which there are hundreds, go over the whole world. The basis of our work always remains the same. Because, when you are looking for a unique solution and top quality, you opt for Sidijk.

  Total solution

Sidijk offers clients more than only a nice end product. In the process of developing this product, we are also an expert partner who thinks along with you. From drawing board to delivery and management: Sidijk advises, organizes and achieves. In this way, we deliver Sidijk quality from A-Z.

  Custom made

Everyone has their own ideas, desires and budgets. At Sidijk we understand that. Together with you, we always look for a suitable solution. That is why we never think in standard solutions. And we always ensure that we have the people, machines and the software in-house to deliver your custom made work.


A good idea, a groundbreaking concept? At Sidijk we go for it. We are happy to think along, develop and test with you. For example, Sidijk has discovered the air boarding along ice skating rinks, gymnastics tumbling track, but also of a renewed ventilation system for arable farmers. In short, Sidijk allows you to find a new solution for every challenge.

As of January 2021, Sidijk has become part of the Global Leisure Group. The partners within this group strengthen our innovative power and make it possible to achieve even better total solutions. De partners of Sidijk are: SPI Global Play, Global Attractions, Playlife, HPS Play Company, HPS Play Company Dubai, SPI Global Play Playgrounds, The Play Installation Company, Themeworks, Tech Spray Fibreglass, AIRBAG Original.
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