Damages are always a risk in areas where people do sports and children play. This applies to air pillows but also to other play elements. Sidijk is always available to help repair damage quickly. The following steps will ensure quick and efficient damage repairs.

Send a picture

It is important that we know what damage it relates to, to which product and the measurements. As soon as we understand what is going on, we will be able to advise you, send you a quote and possibly plan a repair. So please send us a picture of the entire item and a picture of the damage to

Sidijk reparation technical textile
The damage of a distance
Sidijk reparation technical textile
Zoomed in on the damage

Repair advice

Sometimes you can repair a damage yourself with a repair kit from Sidijk. Read in this blog how. Based on your photos you will receive a repair advice. We can judge if the repair can be done at your location or whether your item has to come to our production location in Heerenveen.  We will send you a quote for the cost of the repair. As soon as we have the order confirmation back, we will make a repair appointment with you. It is possible that we will ask for the objects logbook for the repair.


Most repairs are performed at our workplace in Heerenveen. You can bring the product that has to be repaired to Heerenveen or we can pick it up for a small fee. If the damaged part is difficult to transport or stuck in the construction, a Sidijk technician will come to your location.

Naaiafdeling Sidijk

Repairs? Make an appointment

You would like to have the item repaired at our workshop? Please make an appointment. We will then be able to schedule the repair and ensure that the reparation is done quickly. First contact Sidijk via, send a picture and wait for our advice and quote. We will then proceed as quickly as possible.

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