Proper maintenance ensures that your products last longer and that you benefit from them much longer. In addition, you can immediately check your product for any defects or wear and tear during maintenance. In this way, repairs and major problems can be avoided.

Maintenance of technical textile (PVC)

The different types of PVC material we process at Sidijk have a long lifespan of their own. Proper maintenance prolongs them and ensures that the product continues to look good. Before you start, you wipe away the loose dirt with a soft wiper. The technical textiles we use are best cleaned with water and a simple towel. Is your product very dirty? Then add a small amount of cleaner, or another non-aggressive cleaning liquid, to the water.

Maintenance of technical textile (PVC)
Maintenance of technical textile (PVC)

With the purchase of a Sidijk product you will receive a manual upon delivery. This manual describes the specific maintenance of the particular product.

Do you discover any damage?

Do you discover any minor damage during cleaning? Read this blog to find out if and how you can repair it yourself. Do you doubt whether you can solve the damage yourself? We will be happy to repair it for you. Does the damage create an unsafe situation? Please contact us immediately and do not use the product until it is repaired and safe-to-use again.

Enjoy your air cushion for longer

An air cushion or other inflatable has a longer lifespan when you store it clean and when you dry it after use. When you store a product in a wet condition, it can get stains or molds that you can’t get out. Is it inevitable that you have to store the air cushion wet? If that is the case, unfold it again as soon as you can, so that the air cushion can fully dry.

Maintenance of indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks

Maintaining your indoor playground is a must to keep it hygienic and safe for your visitors. Regular attention to your park also contributes to the lifespan of your structure by detecting wear and tear and minor defects in good time.

Our advice: Clean once a week

Visible surfaces can be cleaned with a wet cloth or soapy water. The areas in between and underneath structures that are not often used or are more clogged up are where you will find the most dust. With a battery-powered vacuum cleaner, you can easily get to those places. Our advice: clean those visible surfaces once a week.

Second advice: Do a daily checkup

Despite the fact that Sidijk produces playing structures and trampoline parks from the best materials and the sturdiest constructions, sometimes the products damage. By doing a daily tour through your park you will find wear and tear or small defects in time. These are then still relatively easy to solve.

Within indoor playgrounds: pay special attention to broken or torn nets, check connections of play structures and the hanging parts in play structures.

Common damages in trampoline parks include broken or torn nets, broken or loose springs, holes or cracks in the trampoline cloth.

Read in this blog the extensive maintenance instructions for an indoor playground.

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