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Make your playground interactive and create more fun!

Make your location extra challenging: Add an extra dimension to your playground equipment and trampolines with interactive elements! Gaming while jumping and starting a game competition within a play structure? By adding lights, screens, sounds and buttons anything is possible!


Interactive elements, unlimited possibilities

Most of the interactive elements can easily be added and installed in a family entertainment centre, indoor playground or trampoline park.

Sidijk cooperates with various suppliers of interactive elements, such as Rugged Interactive, ValoMotion and GymEyes. In this way, Sidijk is able to create a unique playground unique that provides even more fun!

Rugged Interactive – DodgeAttack

The DodgeAttack is a high-tech target system that can be added to the Dodge Ball Area. The goal of this system is to throw the balls on the interactive boards of the opponent while defending your own boards. Two teams, two-minute games. Who hits the most targets? Suitable for all ages!

Rugged Interactive – CardioWall Freestyle (Duo)

A real #challenge for your fitness: the CardioWall Freestyle Duo! Press start and the different lights will light up. Jump on the trampoline and try to switch off as many lights as fast as you can. For extra competition two CardioWall Freestyle systems can be placed next to each other. Who is the fastest?

Rugged Interactive – High-9

Just like the CardioWall, the High-9 is a real #challenge for fitness! The High-9 consists of 3 triangular shapes, each containing 3 pods. Players hit the pods to score points. Place two of them next to each other (High-9 Duo) so your visitors can also compete against each other. Nice to know: The colours of the High-9 can be adjusted to the style of your park!

Rugged Interactive – Trailblazer

The Trailblazer is an interactive climbing wall placed above a foampit or thick fall mats. Flickering lights in the handles indicates the climbing route. The user scores points when grabbing the highlighted handles. The handles are easy to hold on to and provide the perfect climbing challenge for visitors aged 5 years and older. In the background of the Trailblazer a large full colour artwork can be added.

WallRider – Rugged Interactive

Transform the Walk The Wall into a WallRider with interactive targets! Players push the lights with their feet when they reach the wall. This interactive element improves the skills of your visitors on the high performance trampolines and offers a competitive challenge! Suitable for beginners and advanced users. You can easily install the WallRider in your existing Walk the Wall.

Rugged Interactive – AeroStrike

Press the red button and let your visitors compete one-on-one during the 2-minute game AeroStrike! The aeroball field consists of two trampolines, separated in the middle by a high net. At the back of both trampolines is a hole, through which the opponent has to score. The scoreboard keeps track of the score and indicates the winning player. The game can easily be added to a basketball Area.

Valo Motion – ValoJump

Play the funniest video games in combination while jumping on a real trampoline! The camera tracks your every move and makes your visitor directly a part of the game by projecting them on the screen. The variety of games and training apps make ValoJump suitable for all ages and for jumpers of all levels. An attraction where your visitors will have a lot of fun while doing a workout!

Valo Motion – ValoClimb

With a projector and a tracking camera, an ordinary climbing wall becomes an Augmented Climbing Wall. This interactive game invites people of all ages to participate. In the middle of super fun animations, climbing gets to a whole new dimension.

As a climber, you can indicate which of the seven games you want to play and in which level of difficulty you want to play. Also multiplayer is an option! Even the audience around the game will get excited and will give instructions to the people playing the game.


Gymeyes is a video system that allows visitors to film, watch and share their jumps on social media. It’s simple, fast and fun! We guarantee 1000’s of videos per month. With your (park) logo in every video. This element will give a huge boost to your marketing & sales. Test it for 6 weeks and discover what the impact can be for your park. Contact us for more information!

Safety & regulations

Safety is our top priority. That’s why all our play structures are designed according to the latest safety standards. Our projects are always certified according to the appropriate standard before delivery. Read more.


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