High Performance Trampolines

Professional trampolines for extremely high jumps!

The High Performance Area is a real challenge for the advanced trampoline jumper! With these special trampolines you can jump much higher than the trampolines in the main court. Excellent for making even more fantastic tricks!


Jump as high as you can with MaxAir trampolines

Maximum air-time! Do you want to create a space where pros can jump freely and where your visitors can experience jumps to extreme heights? It is all possible in the High Performance Area! This area consists of professional trampolines that are made of special fabrics, allowing you to jump much higher! Thick fall mats provide extra safety between and around the trampolines. While learning the tricks, visitors can also use crash mats. During your jump, a Jump Master will put these on the trampoline, for a softer landing.

Walk The Wall

The high performance trampolines are often combined with a Walk The Wall. This is a wall with different heights where, in combination with the MaxAir trampoline beds, you can walk horizontally upwards.

Create exciting challenges for your guests by adding the interactive Wall Rider on the Walk The Wall. The flashing lights, which you have to turn off with your hands and feet, challenge you to go just a little further!

Exclusive dealer of MaxAir trampolines

The white trampolines with red crosses characterize the exclusive MaxAir Trampolines. These trampolines are beloved by professionals and provide gymnasts the perfect environment to practice their jumps. Sidijk is an exclusive dealer of MaxAir trampolines and offers these trampolines in four different sizes. Are you looking for a professional trampoline area? Sidijk is your supplier!

Safety & regulations

Safety is our top priority. That’s why all our play structures are designed according to the latest safety standards. Our projects are always certified according to the appropriate standard before delivery. Read more.


  • Minimum required height: 6.5 meters
  • Made of special MaxAir trampoline beds
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Equipped with silent springs system
  • Perfect to combine with the Walk The Wall (or Wall Rider)
  • Fire-resistant and wear-resistant
  • Designed according to the latest safety standards
  • Optional: Thick fall mats on all sides provide extra safety

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