The best place to try new jumps and tricks!

The foampit is a must-have for every trampoline park! This large container filled with soft foam blocks can be used in combination with various elements and is a real eye-catcher for your park. The best place to try new jumps and improve your skills.

A foampit for your trampoline park!

For years, Sidijk has been the supplier of foampits. We deliver unique and safe foampits for trampoline parks all over the world. This attraction provides a lot of fun and allows visitors to practice their jumps in a fun and safe way. The beauty of the foam pit is that the foam blocks are available in different shapes and colours. In this way, you always have a unique eye-catcher that suits your location.

The size of the Foampit depends on the elements you want to combine with the Foampit. The minimum required size reaches from 5 x 10 meters.


Endless combinations and possibilities with the foampit

The possibilities of a foam pit are enormous. Place a trampoline in front of the foampit, jump into the foampit from a high jumping tower or make a combination with a balance bar. All examples of what you can do with the foampit. These are our best combinations:

Slackline – Balancing on a band that is stretched tightly over the Foampit. Who can manage to walk to the other side?

Battle beam – The Battle beam is a fight between two people on a balance bar over the Foam pit. Who lands in the Foampit first? The Battle beam is equipped with soft battle sticks and helmets.

Monkeybar – The Monkeybar is a kind of ladder that runs over the foampit. Do you have enough power to get across? A real challenger for the arms.

Stepping stones – Jump from one ‘stone’ to the other. Try to reach the other side of the foampit without falling into the foam blocks.

Combinations with Trampolines – Practice your tricks on the trampoline. Jump and land softly into the Foam pit!

Combinations with Jumping blocks – Jump from great heights into the foampit. The Jumping Tower is a thrilling attraction from which visitors can jump and practice their skills.

Climbing Wall – A climbing wall with different routes requires some strength and flexibility from the climber. Who is able to climb to the other side and avoid the foampit?

Safety & regulations

Safety is our top priority. That’s why all our play structures are designed according to the latest safety standards. Our projects are always certified according to the appropriate standard before delivery.

The foampit has a standard depth of 1.6 meters. At the bottom of the foampit a trampoline cloth and fall mat are placed to provide optimal safety. In this way, the Sidijk Foampits comply with the latest safety standards. Read more.

Damaged foam pit blocks? Order new one’s!

Do you have a foampit? And do your foam blocks need to be replaced? At Sidijk you can order foampit blocks in different colours, shapes and qualities. The blocks are fire-resistant and meet the latest safety standards. Tip: Did you know that our dice shaped foampit blocks last up to four times longer than the standard foampit blocks? Please contact us for more information.


  • A must for every trampoline park!
  • Minimum size required depends on added elements
  • Minimum required depth is 1.6 meters
  • Trampoline bed and drop mat are attached at the bottom of the foampit to provide extra safety
  • Add different elements to your foampit for extra excitement!
  • Wide range of foam blocks in different colours and qualities
  • Designed according to the latest safety standards

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