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Unique indoor playgrounds for every location!

Dozens of attractions, just as many ideas. Indoor playgrounds offer endless possibilities for every location. Hours of entertainment for the youngest and challenging playgrounds for older children. Sidijk designs and produces indoor playgrounds that are fun for all ages. From small playgrounds and kids corners to complete indoor playgrounds. If you are looking for a unique concept, Sidijk is the place to be!


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Sidijk: Number one supplier of indoor playgrounds

Play structures, climbing volcanoes, slides or kidscorners. For over 40 years, Sidijk has been a supplier of indoor playgrounds and indoor playground equipment. From design to end product: Sidijk creates unique solutions for every location and every budget. Would you like to build an indoor playground or are you looking for elements to expand your playground with? Discover our possibilities!

Expanding or renovating your indoor playground?

Does your indoor playground need an upgrade? Are you looking for a new element for your current play structure? Or does your park require a completely different concept? Sidijk likes to think along with you! We can offer you dozens of attractions and just as many ideas when it comes to decoration, theming and decoration of your playground. We support you with the design, produce the concepts at our own production facility in Heerenveen and we ensure flawless installation on location. Read more

Kidscorners for restaurants, shops and garden centres

Make your garden center, shopping mall or restaurant more fun with a children’s play corner! Sidijk delivers Kidscorners, Power Towers or a Softplay Areas for the little ones. Do you want to build a kids corner? Sidijk offers unique possibilities and concepts. We produce kids corners and playgrounds for your restaurant, shop, gym, supermarket or garden centre. Do you have another idea? Or another place for which you would like to buy a kids corner? Sidijk is up for the challenge!

Safety & regulations

Safety is our top priority. That is why all our playground equipment and play structures are designed according to the latest safety standards. Our projects are always certified according to the appropriate standard before delivery. Read more.

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