Family Entertainment

Entertainment for the whole family!

Are you looking for a total concept where you offer entertainment for the whole family? Sidijk offers unique concepts which are enjoyed by both young and old. Add a climbing wall to your indoor playground or start a Mini Golf course as a standalone attraction. The possibilities of Family Entertainment are endless.


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Fun for everyone!

A fun day out with the whole family? With Sidijk’s Family Entertainment concepts you can offer fun for all ages! Where indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks are particularly suitable for a specific age, our Family Entertainment concepts offer entertainment for the whole family. Perfect when your location needs to appeal to multiple audiences such as the whole family or a group of friends!

Concepts as standalone attractions

Family Entertainment concepts are complete attractions and business models on their own. Although these concepts lend themselves well as an addition to an indoor playground or trampoline park, they are also extremely suitable as a stand-alone. Each concept has its own business model which makes the concepts very attractive. Although concepts such as Mini Golf, Laser Play or Inflatable Parks can fill large spaces completely, they can also be used in smaller areas. Visitors are queuing up for this!

Family Entertainment Center: create a total concept!

In the leisure industry trends follow each other in a rapid pace. Trampoline parks were very popular in the last few years and at this moment we see new trends emerge, such as inflatable parks. Are you looking for a total concept that your visitors will always come to regardless of the trend? We advise to create a total concept in which multiple areas come together: a Family Entertainment Center.

Safety & regulations

Safety is our top priority. That’s why all our play structures are designed according to the latest safety standards. Our projects are always certified according to the appropriate standard before delivery.

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