Sky Rider

Fly and swing through the air

The Sky Rider is a marvelous attraction that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This combination of a roller coaster and a zip line gives a real adrenaline rush! Swing through the bends, and let gravity take you away. Surprise your visitors with this adrenaline-ride!



The SkyRider is a simple but breathtaking thrill-ride. It is a combination of a roller coaster and a zip line. As you sway through the bends, the SkyRider gives you the unique feeling of flying through the air at high speed. Wild!

Powered by gravity

The SkyRider is powered by gravity and suitable for both children and adults. It can be placed in indoor and outdoor areas. Besides, the SkyRider can be built as part of an overall attraction or can be integrated into an existing trampoline park or indoor playground.

SkyRider fully customized

The SkyRider is fully customized to both your location and wishes. Create a SkyRider with winding bends and long straights for maximum speed or create a course that goes straight through the trees. Everything is possible.

Maintenance and operation

Once installed, the SkyRider is easy to operate and maintain. The capacity of SkyRider is about 60 people per hour. After installation, the staff receives extensive training about the attraction.

Safety & regulations

Safety is our top priority. That’s why all our playground equipment is designed according to the latest safety standards. The SkyRider system is approved according to the ADIPS and ASTM F24 engineering standards. Harnesses are approved by UIAA 105 and EN-1277. Read more


  • Made of a powder coated steel frame;
  • Available in various colours;
  • Includes harnesses, safety ropes and safety control system;
  • Launch platforms and landing pads included;
  • The SkyRider is fully gravity based;
  • Minimum height required is 7.5 meters to the roof beams;
  • Track length: 50-120 meters;
  • Required width and height depending on the space, surface and surrounding attractions;
  • Designed according to the latest safety standards.

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