Laser Play Area

Next level laser gaming!

Indulge yourself in a completely new world with the fully themed Laser Play Area. Play laser game with your friends or family in this unique fully themed area. You can play in teams, alone or with exciting targets. Possibilities all over!

Next level laser gaming!

The Laser Play Area is a fully themed area that allows you to play with groups of up to 38 players. The possibilities of the area are great. You can play in teams, individually or you can play the game ‘hitting the targets’ where you have to hit as many targets as possible in a limited amount of time.

Popular themes

The atmosphere of the environment is incredibly important in laser gaming. With the help of 3D theming, sound effects, UV lights and special effects, the players immediately find themselves in a completely different world. The most popular themes are: Radioactive, Apocalypse, Earth Invasion, Jungle Temple and Space. Which one do you prefer?

The complete laser game experience

In addition to the theming, this concept has taken everything into account. From a fully themed reception and briefing room up and to a scoreboard, various types of laser guns and corresponding vests. Everything is perfectly attuned to each other. That is how we make the laser game experience complete.

Playgrounds in various sizes

Small or large spaces, as a stand-alone attraction or as part of your park: the Laser Play Area is made to measure. The minimum size for the Laser Play Area is 200 square meters including a reception and briefing room. Within a playground of this size you can already have sixteen players gaming at the same time! Curious about the possibilities? Please contact us.


  • The Laser Play Area includes a reception and briefing room;
  • Scoreboard (system), guns and vests are included;
  • Various types of laser guns and scoreboards are available;
  • Full 3D thematization;
  • Extra atmosphere is created by using UV lights, glowing artwork on the walls, sound effects and other special effects;
  • Minimum space requirement: 200m2;
  • Suitable for 16-38 players depending on floor space;
  • Various game options: in teams, individually or with targets!

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