Glow ‘N Golf

Glow in the Dark mini-golf parcours!

Miniature golf in the dark, that’s Glow ‘N Golf! This completely themed concept is a fun, safe, and highly profitable attraction that brings families and friends together.


The ultimate ‘Glow in the Dark’ experience

Surprise your visitors and illuminate the entire mini-golf course, including the courses, paths, and golf clubs. All elements are provided with fluorescent colors that light up in the dark using black lights. Glow ‘N Golf is a great alternative to traditional indoor mini-golf courses. It’s fun, profitable, stunning, and unique!

Glow ‘N Golf in various themes and sizes

Sidijk supplies fully themed Mini Golf courses to amaze visitors again and again. By using props and sound effects in the courses, the environment comes to life and a beautiful fantasy world is created in which guests can feast their eyes. An unforgettable experience for all ages. Our most popular Min Golf themes are: Around the World, Jungle, Pirates, Underwater, and Glow in the Dark.

Start your Glow Golf venue today

Do you want to add Glow Golf to your venue? We fully customize each Glow ‘N Golf area to make the most of your available space. An average Glow Golf course is 15 courses in size with an area of 300 m2 and a game time of about 60 minutes. Each course is unique and has its own unique elements and challenges. Less space available? Ask for the possibilities.

Looking for outdoor miniature golf? Meet: Adventure Golf!

In addition to Glow Golf, Sidijk also offers Adventure Golf. A completely themed mini-golf area full of fun obstacles and surprising objects in and around the courses. Discover Adventure Golf here.


  • Suitable as a stand-alone attraction
  • Fully Glow in the Dark
  • Standard 9-18 tracks, large courses starting with a number of 24 lanes
  • Minimum required area: 220 m2
  • Every track is unique!
  • Various themes available
  • Including golf clubs (putters), Mini Golf balls and scoring lists
  • Suitable for all ages

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