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A good sports venue challenges athletes, while ensuring their safety. Whether it concerns an ice rink, race circuit or baseball field: we have solutions for every sport and every sports facility. Often developed in collaboration with top athletes and sports associations. Result: padding and boarding offering a top performance in terms of strength and absorption, and that meet all international requirements. It is not without reason that Sidijk provides safety at the Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships.

We are a RAITA dealer for dasher boards on ice hockey fields.


Speed skating

We have different boarding for speed skating in which we make a distinction between air boarding and foam boarding. There is also a distinction for the protection between the inner and outer lanes.

Air boarding
Air boarding is a boarding system filled with air. The system is blown up by fans and the pressure can be set in one go and can be maintained. The system is mounted in the radius of the ice skating rink and thereby connects seamlessly to the ice skating rink. For ice skating rinks that have a multi-functional use for their ice floor, the system can easily be disassembled. The storage volume is also small. The air boarding is available for inner and outer rink protection.

Foam boarding
Foam boarding is a mobile system with interconnected segments. Lashing straps are attached at the back to keep the system in the radius. Because the system is mobile and foam an excellent insulator, the ‘bounce back’ is reduced strongly. The inner rink foam protection is very suitable for ice skating rinks that use their center terrain in a multifunctional manner and that have to be flexible in creating entrances and exits. Besides the inner rink protection, the foam boarding is also available for outer rink protection.


Short track

The short track padding of Sidijk is made of different types of foam, which creates an optimal combination of comfort, air movement and pressure distribution. The cover also contains mesh, allowing air to escape freely during impact. A distinction can be made between Training Padding, Movable Padding and Hybrid Padding.

Training Padding
Training Padding is suitable for short track ice skating rinks for high-level training. The mats can be connected to each other with Velcro tabs to create one unit. The mats can be placed against hard boarding.

Movable Padding
Movable Padding is intended for 30 x 60 ice skating rinks for professional skaters. Movable Padding is a mobile system with interconnected segments. Lashing straps are attached at the back to keep the system in the radius.

Hybrid Padding
By combining traditional padding and Movable Padding, we create Hybrid Padding. The skater’s security increases because the risk zones are equipped with Movable Padding. This system is often used in competitions on multipurpose ice skating rinks.

Would you like more information about our ice rink boardings? Please contact Sidijk and explore your options: or +31 566 625 700.

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