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Whether it’s ice rinks, race tracks or baseball fields: Sidijk offers the best and safest solution for every sport and every athlete. In cooperation with top athletes and sports federations, we produce high-quality paddings and boardings that meet all international requirements.


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Paddings and boardings for maximum performance

Safety and top performance are inseparably linked. Sidijk therefore always provides a safe sports environment where athletes can get the most out of themselves. Sidijk has been the specialist in the field of air- and foam-filled products for over 40 years. In cooperation with various sports associations such as the KNSB and the ISU and various top athletes and coaches such as Jeroen Otter and Wilf O’Reilly, Sidijk produces high-quality products like the airboardings and foam paddings.

World’s leading supplier of boarding systems

Sidijk is the world’s leading supplier of boarding systems. We offer boardings for various sports and are specialized in producing paddings and boardings for ice rinks. A distinction can be made between airboarding and foamboarding. Sidijk provides paddings and boardings for sports facilities and championships over the world.

Different sports, different solutions

Athletics, baseball or Motor Speedway. Sidijk offers tailor-made solutions for every project so that the protection is fitted in the correct way and in line with the purpose and method of use. Every sport has its own unique challenges. We are happy to provide the best solution for all of them. From design and production to installation. We deliver the best padding or boarding for every sports location.

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