Boarding for the grass-track: Motor Speedway

Safety for both drivers and public, that’s what was important in the development of a boarding for motor speedway. Together with the FIM, Sidijk has developed a boarding system that is high level, and extremely wear-resistant. With this system, this spectacular sport can be performed in the safest possible way.

Boarding for grass courts

Motor speedway, Ice speedway or Grass track racing. Sidijk supplies unique airboarding systems for all these spectacular sports. Motor racing on a grass track involves racing over the track at high speed and daring overtakings. Regular falls are unavoidable in this extreme sport. Therefore, it is essential to have a strong and safe boarding so that drivers can race on the track in the safest possible way.

With over 40 years of experience in producing air- and foam-filled products, Sidijk is the supplier of boardings for motor speedway.


When creating the boarding, Sidijk takes its expertise from various sports. The motor speedway boarding is therefore very similar to the protection systems from skating, but the speedway boarding is of a heavier quality and is resistant to wind and weather. For example, motor speedway boarding offers protection for both drivers and visitors.

Safety has top priority

Sidijk’s paddings and boardings are extensively tested in various laboratories and by various top athletes. By using practical and technical knowledge, Sidijk has developed systems that are among the best in the world in terms of protection.

Exclusive Speedway Boardings

Every sports environment is unique. Want to buy Speedway boarding? We customize every boarding. Speedway boarding is made exclusively of UV and weather-resistant materials. The front is provided with a cutting resistant layer so the boarding retains a long lifespan. From design and production to installation. We always deliver a-to-z Sidijk quality.


  • High quality and extra strong materials
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Boardings are fully custom made
  • In the event of impact, the impact is absorbed to the maximum
  • Possibility of attaching advertising banners to the course sides
  • Available in various colours

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