The safest paddings for shorttrack

Sidijk is the leading supplier of ice rink protection systems. At Sidijk, we are known for the quality and safety we provide. By working together with athletes, ice rinks, institutions and by constantly innovating, Sidijk is able to deliver short track paddings of the highest level. This way we offer maximum safety for maximum performance.

Short track Padding Systems

Sidijk’s shorttrack padding systems are designed and built according to the standards formulated by the International Speed Skating Union (ISU) and the KNSB. From junior training level to competitions at Olympic level. Sidijk offers suitable ice rink protection for every location and every level. Sidijk has developed four different short-track padding systems:

1. Basic Padding

The Basic Padding is placed directly against the hard (ice hockey) boarding and is only suitable for training and competitions at amateur level (juniors C+D). The mats can be attached to each other by means of velcro flaps to create a whole padding around the rink.

2. Traditional Padding

The Traditional Padding is the most widely used padding type and is designed to be used in combination with a hard (ice hockey) boarding. This padding system is suitable for training purposes or competitions at junior and senior level.

3. Hybrid Padding

In 2017, Sidijk initiated the hybrid system in consultation with the KNSB and the ISU for the World Cup competition in Dordrecht. The Hybrid Shorttrack Padding is a combination of the Traditional Padding and the Movable Padding. By equipping the risk zones of the padding with padding with movable parts, the safety of the skater is increased considerably. This padding system is the minimum requirement for ISU World Cup competitions.

This padding can save lives! Watch here how shorttrack champion Daan Breeuwsma accidentally crashed during a World Cup match, but was saved by a padding of Sidijk.

4. Movable Padding

The Movable Padding is designed for shorttrack competitions at the highest level. At the Winter Olympics this is the only padding system allowed. The Movable Padding is a fully movable padding where the segments are interconnected. Straps are attached to the back to keep this freestanding system in the radius. This system requires 1 meter of free space at the entire back.

Safety has top priority

Sidijk’s paddings and boardings have been extensively tested in various laboratories and by various top athletes. By using practical and technical knowledge, Sidijk has developed systems that are the best in the world in terms of protection.


Every ice rink is unique, whether it’s the curves of the rink or the location of the ice machine. Sidijk thinks along with you when it comes to a new or already existing system. From design and production to installation. We always deliver a-to-z Sidijk quality.


  • High-quality materials
  • Paddings are fully custom made
  • Maximum impact absorption
  • Minimum bounce back
  • Each segment is equipped with handles for easy movement during assembly and disassembly.
  • Possibility of attaching advertising banners on the ice sides
  • Designed according to the latest security standards of the ISU and KNSB
  • Available in various colours

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