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Proud supplier of Raita ice hockey boardings

High-quality ice hockey dasher boards from Finland. Raita is one of the leading brands when it comes to ice hockey boarding. The brand has placed more than 2100 systems worldwide, including at several world championships and the Olympic Winter Games.


Complete ice hockey boarding systems

The Raita ice hockey dasher boards are of premium quality. They have already proven this at several IIHF World Championships and the Olympic Games. Sidijk supplies all Raita boarding systems and can advise you on the various options and systems available on the market. In addition to complete systems, Sidijk also supplies replacement materials and accessories such as nets, goals and other protective materials for ice hockey.

Total offer in ice rink protection

Sidijk has been working with Raita for many years to provide a complete range of ice rink protection. Together we raise the skating sport to a higher level by offering optimal safety and protection for ice rinks. The cooperation with Raita has made it possible to develop an ‘Icedam system’, among other things. A system in which an ice hockey rink can easily be converted to a shorttrack rink and vice versa which saves a lot of time and effort.

Ice hockey dasher board systems for your ice rink

Do you want to buy an ice hockey boarding? We can advise you which boarding system suits your space and wishes best. Here below an overview of our ice hockey dasher board systems:

  • Hornium System

This boarding system is the best for competitive arenas and is of very high quality. This flagship showpiece of Raita has more than earned its spurs at various world championships and at the Olympic Games. The flexible frame ensures a high level of safety for the players. In addition, the view for spectators and cameras remains perfect due to the clear glazing and the transparent connectors. A top product for top athletes!

  • Hornium Lite System

A variation of the Hornium system. This system is lighter and is used for both training and matches. The Lite System has a light frame and is flexible which improves safety.

  • Optium System

The Optium is the most suitable system for arenas where there is a lot of training and where matches are played. The system is durable, strong and offers an excellent price/quality ratio when it comes to player safety.

  • All-round System

This system is extremely suitable for mobile ice rinks and can be used both in and outdoors. Especially suitable for schools and amateur skating. This extremely strong boarding system is easy to install and does not need anchors in the ground.


  • High quality durable materials
  • Flexible constructions
  • Transparent shielding ensures the best visibility for TV and spectators
  • Maximum absorption on impact
  • Possibility to attach advertising on the ice sides
  • Designed according to the latest safety standards
  • Optional: built-in LED lighting
  • Optional: storage system for storing panels

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