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Proud supplier of ENGO ice hockey boardings

Engo has been a supplier of high-quality ice hockey boarding for 40 years. Engo’s products set the standard in terms of user safety, innovative technology and user-friendliness.


Extensive product range

In addition to an innovative and flexible dashboard system, ENGO also supplies an extensive range of accessories such as goals and other protection materials for ice hockey.

Innovation and user safety

Engo develops and manufactures IIHF-compliant, tested flexible dashboard systems for large-scale indoor and outdoor ice rinks.

Ice hockey dasher board systems for your ice rink

Do you want to buy an ice hockey boarding? We can advise you which boarding system suits your space and wishes best. Here below an overview of our ice hockey dasher board systems:

  • Classicboard

The all-round dasherboard system from Engo. Board with stable double steel frame construction. It is equipped with 10 mm thick UV-resistant PE-HD 500 high-density polyethylene panels with blue polyethylene handrail and bump edges. Suitable for indoor and outdoor ice rinks for ice hockey, shorttrack or figure skating.

  • Flexboard PPS

Engo was one of the first manufacturers to recognise the potential of flexible dasherboards to reduce the risk of injury. In cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden, we developed the high-performance Engo FlexBoard PPS model. Due to its special material and structure, it absorbs most of the impact when players collide with it.

  • Flexboard PPS- Motion

The FlexBoard PPS Motion system, a dasherboard with integrated LED film. The digital, animated LED advertising increases the attention of viewers and TV receivers. Digital LED banners can react in real-time to the ice action and contribute to viewers’ entertainment during ice hockey games, ice galas or figure skating competitions.

For more information or advice on Engo ice hockey systems and products, contact one of our specialists.


  • High quality durable materials
  • Flexible constructions
  • Transparent shielding ensures the best visibility for TV and spectators
  • Maximum absorption on impact
  • Possibility to attach advertising on the ice sides
  • Designed according to the latest safety standards
  • Optional: built-in LED lighting

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