Movable boarding in Thialf offers skaters even more safety

Thialf has a dream: to be the best top sport ice rink in the world. They work hard on this every day. Safety for the athletes is central to this. It is our job to develop a boarding where skaters can safely fall.

The Thialf rink has been set up to allow athletes to get the best out of themselves. They have high-quality and fast ice and invest in safety. Something that is essential in the skating world.

Safety and trust

As a speed skater or short track speed skater you know one thing for sure: you will fall sooner or later. Therefore a good boarding is extremely important. Skaters can trust that they will be safe when they fall.

A boarding which moves with you

We developed a boarding with Thialf for the 400m and the short track rinks. And not just any boarding. It moves with the skater when they fall, and ensures to smoothly break their fall. However, we believed it could be even safer. We devised a system where the pressure in the air boarding can be viewed and adjusted remotely. Therefore, the ice master has control over the safety of the skaters.

This allows Thialf to come increasingly closer to its dream.

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