Avontura: a paradise for children

Two parties, one aim: allow families to have a wonderful experience. Together with Optisport we have therefore designed six Avontura parks. Children can have so much fun in one of these indoor play paradises. And we have still got lots to build!

A tennis hall in Breda was losing visitors and was no longer profitable. Optisport saw this as a chance to breathe new life into the hall. The idea for Avontura was born. We were requested to make this idea a reality. A pleasant, challenging assignment.

From tennis court to play Paradise

Because how do you convert a large, empty hall into a play Paradise? Together with Optisport we commenced work of further developing the Avontura concept. We spent hours at the design table looking at how we could get the maximum from the hall.

The first Avontura park: bullseye!

The first Avontura park opened in Breda during the course of 2014. We instantly knew that we hit the bullseye. It was once again busy in the hall and the visitors thought it was fantastic. For Optisport this was the reason to expand this concept.

Ninja Course

Naturally with the necessary help from Sidijk. We have built a trampoline park with Ninja Course in Enschede, for example. A component where everything is about strength, agility and speed. Partly thanks to the Ninja Warrior series, now also on TV in the Netherlands, these courses are the trend in the area of leisure concepts.


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