Inflatable sealing channels: an efficient and safe storage technology

‘How do we ensure that all our crates of potatoes are of identical quality?’ Agricultural company Maatschap Smits posed this question to us. The result? A remote controlled sealing system in combination with blowing air.

To ensure equal quality of all crates of potatoes, the climate of the crates has to be matched with each other. Previously, Maatschap Smits used large fans for this. Previously, Maatschap Smits used large fans for this. This is how the air was refreshed. To prevent recirculation the crates were sealed with rugs.

A new storage technology

This could be better. That is why they now use a storage technology where air is blown. This dries the potatoes in a better and more equal way. But, thanks to this new technology the rugs blew away and recirculation occurred. Together we looked for a way to prevent this.

Inflatable channels

Our solution? Inflatable sealing channels that you can place between the crates. That was not all. In addition to horizontal channels we developed vertical sealing channels on rails. Combined, they achieved maximum sealing of the crates. Another advantage: they can be operated from the ground. This means that staff no longer have to climb on the crates. This system therefore offers extra work safety.

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