Tank Skirts

Strong and reliable for any storage tank

Storage tanks must meet strict requirements and standards. Elements such as dust, rain and wind can damage the storage tanks. As a result, more frequent maintenance is required or the lifespan is greatly shortened. A tank skirt is therefore an essential component for the protection of any storage tank.

Strong and reliable

Sidijk has a durable solution for every storage tank. With a tank skirt from Sidijk, you assure yourself of a very strong product that will continue to meet standards and requirements for years to come. It is for good reason that Slide Skirt has been partner and customer of Sidijk for many years. We supply tank skirts for all types of tanks and have extensive experience in the petrochemical industry.

The big advantage of tank skirts

A tank skirt is made of a high-quality coating cloth that is clamped around the tank rack by means of an aluminium frame. In this way, the tank bottom is optimally protected against the ingress of rainwater. The tank skirt consists of different segments that are finished with a high frequency welded keder cord over the entire circumference. In this way, tearing is excluded and the tank skirts are completely waterproof.

Tank skirts according to the NRB BOBO guideline

Our tank skirts/slide skirts are designed in accordance with the BOBO (Soil Protection Atmospheric Storage Tanks) guideline of the NRB (Dutch Soil Protection Directive). This means that our tank skirts are designed to prevent soil leakage as much as possible. This is particularly important with steel tank bottoms due to corrosion formation. In addition, these guidelines ensure that the ingress of moisture into the bottom of the tank bottom is prevented as much as possible.


  • The best solution to protect storage tanks from rainwater
  • Extends the life span of the tank bottom considerably
  • High-quality technical textile with long service life
  • Standard choice of many different colours
  • Strong air and watertight connections by high-frequency welding
  • All shapes and sizes possible
  • Suitable for almost all tanks
  • Specialist in the petrochemical industry

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