Protection covers

Easy to use, reliable and sustainable

Protect your building, silo or boat against all kinds of weather. With a Sidijk protective cover, you extend the lifespan of any object and prevent damage. Sidijk supplies tarpaulins and other type of covers in various colours, sizes and shapes. All made from extremely strong technical textiles.

Cover and protect

Sidijk supplies covers and tarpaulins to cover and protect products. The PVC material we work with is strong, flexible and air- and watertight. In addition, it is possible to weld the seams at high frequencies, making our tarpaulins completely weather-resistant. Furthermore, the sheets are low-maintenance. Ideal for covering and protecting a wide range of products.

One solution, countless possibilities

Sidijk’s protective covers are made in the base according to the same principle and are manufactured with the same material. Yet this one solution offers countless possibilities. Our covers can be used for:

– Covering silos to prevent rain;
– Dock shelters, changing loading stations to ensure that trucks can be loaded and unloaded dry;
– Large transport packaging for wind turbines so that the turbines are not damaged during transport.
– Covering for an off-road vehicle. If you are unexpectedly hit by rainfall, the open all-terrain vehicle remains dry.
– Boat shelters for the protection and storage of sloops and yachts.


  • One solution, countless possibilities
  • Fully custom-made
  • High-quality technical textile with long life span
  • Standard choice of many different colours
  • Strong air- and watertight connections by high-frequency welding
  • For protection, covering and storage

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