Partition walls

Smart Air Walls for use in stables, sheds or business spaces

Are you looking for a rolling, sliding or inflatable partition wall for your stable, shed or business space? Do you want to divide a room with a temporary partition and does this wall need to be movable? For in or outside, Sidijk has a smart solution for every space. From simple partition walls to Smart Air Walls.

Temporary, fixed or flexible wall: Sidijk creates it

Sidijk delivers custom made solutions. Our innovation department is happy to think along with you to find the best solution to your challenge. The textile and mesh fabric, with which we work, can be used for a variety of projects due to its flexible and strong character. You can choose from many different colours of textile, but you can also have the fabric printed in full colour matching the corporate identity of your company.

A solution for every challenge

Do you want a solution to regulate the temperature, or to stop dust and odour? Or are you looking for a side wall ventilation that also serves as sun protection? Sidijk is the partner for the production and installation of all kinds and sizes of industrial partitions and has been working with Airkoe for years on sustainable solutions.

Inflatable partition wall: Smart Air Wall

One of our innovations is the Smart Air Wall. This wall consists of inflatable tubes. A cloth is attached to the front and back, creating a double-walled system for good insulation. The Smart Air Wall is often used in the poultry industry. This application can reduce annual energy costs by as much as 60%. Moreover, the Smart Air Wall is easy to move by means of a roll-up system.

The sustainable investment

Inflatable partition walls not only reduce heating costs but also last a long time because they are made of sustainable materials. If you choose Sidijk, you are choosing the future of your company. Take a look at our ventilation systems and discover what other sustainable solutions we offer to regulate temperature and save costs.


  • Temporary, fixed or flexible walls
  • Reduces the annual heating costs up to 60%
  • High-quality technical textiles with a long lifespan
  • Standard choice of many different colours
  • Strong airtight connections by high-frequency welding
  • Fully custom-made

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