Starting a trampoline park or indoor playground? Take care of these 3 steps first

When you are planning to start a Family Entertainment Center, Trampoline Park or Indoor Playground, good preparation is crucial. In recent years, Sidijk has guided dozens of leisure projects from A-to-Z. In each project, three important factors came up that every entrepreneur needs to handle properly before the project starts.

1) A clear budget

The first step is financing. Do you know the budget you want to spend? Start with an inventory of your needs and try to divide the money you want to invest. What part is meant for playground equipment, catering and theming? At Sidijk we offer ‘turn-key’ solutions. Meaning that we can transform an empty building entirely into a Family Entertainment Center. From the entrance and the attractions to the toilets and catering. For every budget we offer a successful formula with maximum entertainment value. The more accurate you have your budget in mind, the better we can design a plan for you.

Do you have plans and ideas, but are you still looking for funding? Or are your dreams bigger than your budget? Sidijk can support you in this as well. Contact us for the possibilities.

2) The right location

Do you already have a building or a location in mind where you want to realize your project? Here are some important questions that need to be answered before choosing your location:

A safe environment is important for obtaining a permit, while the height of the building determines what kind of entertainment you can place within the building. For example, a trampoline main court requires a minimum height of 5.5 meters and extra space around the trampolines. Of course, our sales specialists are able to advise you in this.

3) Permits and Certificates

Just as important as choosing the right property and location, is having the right permits. Two documents that always come up are:

Before design and construction starts, it is crucial to have those documents in place. Make sure your location has the right zoning plan and make sure you receive the right permits from the municipality. Also, regulations regarding fire safety are of importance. Without the proper documents, the inspection institute or municipality may prohibit you to open the park.

Conclusion: do you want to start a trampoline park or indoor playground? Make sure you pay close attention to budget, location and permits. That is the best advice we can offer, so that you avoid unpleasant surprises and develop a successful business plan that exceeds your expectations.

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