Trampoline Park Jump XL Krefeld: where safety, quality, and fun go hand in hand

The opening of the Jump XL park in Krefeld, Germany, in June 2023 marks a special milestone for the Jumpsquare Group. This is, in fact, the very first Jump XL park launched under the Jumpsquare Group’s banner since their acquisition of their industry counterpart. After previous successful collaborations with Jumpsquare, we also had the opportunity to bring this park to life. And what a beautiful and versatile park it has become!

A versatile trampoline park for all ages

Jump XL Krefeld offers a combination of sports, games, and competition for visitors of all ages with its 2500 square meters of attractions. Whether you’re taking on the challenge of the bounce track course, making impressive high jumps on the high-performance trampolines, gracefully swinging through the air on the trapeze, or participating in thrilling competitions on interactive elements like ValoJump and High-9 Duo, Jump XL Krefeld provides a suitable experience for every guest.

Collaboration for safety and quality

In the Netherlands, the strictest safety standard, known as the WAS norm (Warehousing Decree for Attractions and Play Equipment), applies to trampoline parks. Safety is a core value for both Jumpsquare and Sidijk, and in all collaborations, strict adherence to this standard is ensured. This also applies to the park in Krefeld, even though it is located in Germany, where it also fully complies with these demanding safety regulations.

With the soon-to-be-introduced international ISO standard, that is not stricter than the WAS norm, the park can be assured that it will continue to meet the requirements of safety inspections in the future. Furthermore, Sidijk has a special maintenance contract with Jumpsquare, where Sidijk annually maintains all parks, regardless of their location, to ensure that the parks continue to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Awesome jumps, safe landings

Located centrally in the park, you will find a trapeze and a jump tower. Between these attractions is an AIRBAG Original, Sidijk’s own brand of airbags. Compared to traditional foam pits, airbags not only offer additional safety but are also more hygienic and cost-effective to maintain. This is why Jumpsquare combines attractions with ‘high impact’ with an airbag in all its parks.


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