Trampoline park for all ages

A trampoline park for all ages. For athletes and less sporty types. There is something for everyone at Sprungwerk Hagen. And that is quite exceptional. Because with a relatively small hall it was a real challenge to get the maximum from the space. We were able to assist with this.

Sprungwerk Hagen has major ambitions: build a state-of-the-art trampoline park which rivals the large, popular trampoline parks. The relatively small Sprungwerk hall made this a tricky task, but not impossible. We took on the challenge.

A unique space for everyone

Sprungwerk is not just a trampoline park. The hall has large, open windows and an industrial look. This means it does not feel like a standard gym or fitness centre. But rather, a unique place where young and old can have hours of pleasure. To train, or just for their pleasure.

Little space, a lot of pleasure

The limited space does not reduce the quality of the trampoline park. We have developed tailor-made trampolines of the same quality as normal trampolines. Thanks to this, at Sprungwerk you can find the same attractions and materials as in all other popular trampoline parks. Slightly smaller, but just as fun.

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