Play structure Intratuin Halsteren: climbing and clambering in the forest

Intratuin Halsteren, the largest Intratuin location in the Netherlands, is a popular destination for numerous families from the Netherlands and neighboring countries who enjoy spending a cozy day here. Upon the opening of a new restaurant, the team at Intratuin Halsteren saw a perfect opportunity to renovate their existing play structure. Sidijk was tasked with creating this themed play structure.

A play structure full of greenery

The first thing that catches your attention is the theming of the play structure: a fantastic setting consisting of trees, leaves, water, and adorable animals makes you, as a visitor, feel like you’re in the forest. Désirée Struijk, responsible for communication at Intratuin Halsteren, is very satisfied with the choices made regarding the design of the play structure: “The beauty of the collaboration with Sidijk is that they listen and brainstorm very well. For us, it was essential that the style of the play structure would match the appearance of Intratuin as our new restaurant and also include a lot of greenery. Based on a mood board and 3D drawings compiled by Sidijk, we made decisions about the elements and the final design of the play structure.

Sidijk and Intratuin Halsteren collaboration

It was important for Intratuin Halsteren that the completion of the play structure could be combined with the opening of its new restaurant. According to Struijk, Sidijk took this into account very well in the collaboration: “There was a significant time pressure. Sidijk delivered all the work neatly and on time. As a result, we were able to successfully combine the plan of setting up the play structure with the opening of our new restaurant.”

A play structure full of possibilities

An important criteria for the new play structure was that it remains enjoyable and relevant for its visitors in the future. Sidijk also addressed this, as Struijk explains: “This play structure is very future-proof. It consists of elements that can be added and removed in the way you want. This provides great flexibility.”

Maximum fun

Visitors were eagerly anticipating the new play structure. Even after several months of intensive use, the feedback remains highly positive, according to Struijk: “Everyone was very enthusiastic beforehand about the new play structure. Our visitors are still very excited, and the play structure is used a lot. The great thing is that this play structure is suitable for a wide range of age groups. Children from 4 to 12 can climb and play. The play structure is a kind of ‘loop,’ so they go through the course again and again. The children love it, and we are very happy.”


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