Professional sport- and training elements for your trampoline park

Train like a real athlete with an Airtrack from Sidijk. A surprising alternative for your visitors and a great element to add to your trampoline park!


Airtracks in a trampoline park

In a trampoline park there is always a free space available for an airtrack. So do not hesitate and add this element to your park. In combination with several other training elements such as a FlikFlakker, EasyFlip, a jump block or a Plyobox, the airtrack will be loved by your visitors! Top athletes have been training with the Airtrack Original for years, so why not the visitors in your park? Sidijk offers airtracks standard in six different sizes, and various heights. Use the Airtrack as a stand-alone, or let it end on a BigAirbag or Foampit, for the ultimate soft landing!

Premium quality Airtracks

Sidijk delivers safe training products that are designed to make you perform better and give you confidence. We are happy to help athletes develop and achieve their goals. The Airtrack series consists of high-quality materials and has been developed and produced with the greatest care.

Safety & regulations

Safety is our top priority. That’s why all our play structures are designed according to the latest safety standards. Our projects are always certified according to the appropriate standard before delivery. Read more.


  • 100% flat and practically airtight
  • Available in 6 different sizes, in 2 different heights
  • Other sizes and colours available on request
  • Always delivered in combination with a fan in flight case (noise reduction) or mini-blower
  • Designed according to the latest safety standards
  • Fire-resistant and wear-resistant

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