The latest play trends for trampoline parks or playgrounds

Continue to innovate, entice and surprise: the number one challenge for playgrounds and trampoline parks. The current generation of visitors is demanding more challenges and variation than ever before. A combination of sports, games and competition. But what are the play trends and which attractions keep your concept interesting and attractive for thrill seekers?

Play Trend 1. Augmented climbing wall (ValoClimb)

These dynamic climbing walls are extremely contemporary. The interactive game platform ValoClimb provides a unique experience for novice and advanced climbers. From Climball, Astromania to Sparks: the platform contains various digital challenges and games. They are projected onto the climbing wall and interact with the climbers. From challenging climbing routes to mazes: climbers can compete with each other, cooperate and improve their skills. Results can be shared via social media. One great advantage is that new content is constantly being developed. This climbing wall will never be boring.

Play Trend 2. The Racing Tower

The Racing Tower is a physical challenge for young and old and a great way to compete. Start the button at the bottom and make your way to the top through elastics and obstacles. Whoever reaches the top first presses the button and climbs down again as quickly as possible. By pushing the button again once you reach the ground, your result of the entire track will be shown. It is also possible to record a time for bottom to top or vice versa.

Play Trend 3. Slides 2.0

Slides remain a favorite for children and adults alike. The new generation of slides is faster and more spectacular than ever. What would you think of a drop slide? First, climb in a tower and launch yourself through a fast slide into a BigAirBag. A combination of multiple slides 2.0 equals never-ending fun and challenges. A suitable slide is also possible for smaller spaces.

Play Trend 4. The Sweeper

Who will go down first and who will be the last man standing? The Sweeper has proven itself in various play and trampoline parks. A maximum of seven players are challenged and have to avoid the arms of the Sweeper. Participants can share their scores online and can keep improving their high scores. The Sweeper can also be used in combination with trampolines or air pillows.

Play Trend 5. The Climbing Volcano

Nothing new, but an excellent example of an element that connects sports and games and therefore never lost its popularity. The climbing volcano is an attraction for inside and outside and offers a large variety of climbing routes and challenges. This makes the volcano suitable for different age groups. And it can be used in combination with slides.

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