First pop-up icerink created by Sidijk at Texel!

When the temperature in The Netherlands drops, the ice skate-fever (as we call it) rises. And so it does in De Koog, at the Dutch tidal island Texel. In collaboration with Sidijk, Ice-skate Club ‘De Koog’, has opened the first pop-up icerink on the island. Former long-track speed skater Rintje Ritsma was present to open the brand new icerink together with the foreman of the ice-skate club.  But how did this idea come together and has it been developed? Read all about it in this new blog!  

From (n)ice try to (n)icerink 
Ice-skating Club de Koog has tried to make a more DIY version of an icerink themselves before. This came from an idea that they created during an enjoyable winter night, a few years ago. However, to their own saying, the ice ring sadly did not turn out to be usable for ice-skating. Therefore Kees Moorman, member of Ice-skate Club de Koog, contacted Sidijk and pitched his idea. Sidijk offers all kinds of custom solutions and so the creation of a pop-up icerink began.

Paddings & Boardings 
Sidijk has a market leader position as manufacturer of icerink paddings and boardings. However, to maintain this position, Sidijk is constantly innovating… And with successful results!   

Freezing point 
After two nights below zero, it was time to skate! The mobile icerink is 38×20 meters big and has an inflatable edge, which serves both as a soft padding and to keep the water/ice in place. A sheet, made of PVC material, is placed underneath the ice. The combination of the sheet and the paddings isolates the water to keep it cooler and eventually frozen. With just a thin layer of water and temperature below zero, the pop-up icerink is ready to use within only two days!  

Sidijk wishes Ice-skate Club De Koog a lot of fun with this successful and innovative icerink! Let’s hope for some cold days to follow.  

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