Euro Attractions Show: the trends for 2018

The market is picking up. There is room again to invest in leisure and sport. It is not without reason that the Euro Attractions Show in Berlin this year was the largest ever. More than 500 companies presented themselves at this 4-day trade fair organised by trade organisation IAAPA at the end of September. Naturally Sidijk was present.

European trends for 2018
This year it was especially interesting to see how the market is developing. And ample trends could be discovered at Messe Berlin. The most striking trends: parks opt for diversity and contemporary attractions for the entire family; the advent of augmented reality and the Ninja Obstacle Courses are more popular than ever before.

Leisure and fun for the entire family
Combining is the trend. In particular the slightly larger leisure parks opt for a concept that appeals to the entire family. For example, trampoline parks supplement their offer with other types of attractions such as a Ninja Course or a climbing wall. It is exactly what today’s clients are demanding: diversity and multiple challenges.

Augmentend reality
It is also nice to see that new technologies are increasingly integrated into attractions. For example, the climbing wall with augmented reality. It gives every user its own and constantly changing experience of a climbing wall. Together with its partners Sidijk offers this technology in our leisure concepts. 

Online and offline
Just as many forms of digital games and games that are becoming more and more popular with young people. The strength of digital combined with playing in real-time. Touchscreens, playing offline, sharing online: they challenge today’s kids and offer gaming fun. And young people happily put their tablet or smartphone aside for these types of ideas. 

The year of the Ninja
Finally, there is the advent of the Ninja Obstacle Courses. Especially in countries where Ninja Warrior is on TV. Since the start of Ninja Warrior NL on SBS6 we have seen an increasing demand for Ninja Courses in the Netherlands. People of all ages discover the challenge these courses have to offer in other countries (Eastern Europe) as well. This is why we believe that 2018 will be the year of the Ninja. 

Nanny Niemarkt
Coordinator Marketing & Communication

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