10 year anniversary: Tolsma-Grisnich and Sidijk creating innovative solutions!

The family business Tolsma-Grisnich has been a pioneer and leading specialist in the efficient storage and primary processing of potatoes, onions and carrots for more than 75 years. Tolsma & Sidijk met 10 years ago and have been working together for more than a decade ever since.

How the collaboration started
Sidijk looks back with satisfaction to the collaboration with Tolsma-Grisnich. Together, we work towards new innovative improvements and ideas. Ten years ago, it all started with a phone call and a good lunch. This resulted in a cooperation of many years. Our shared goal: enabling our customers to work safer, smarter and more efficient.

The company, based in the international “potato capital” Emmeloord, offers its customers various storage and processing solutions. One of these solutions are the inflatable airbags of Sidijk, which allow crops to be better cooled and preserved.

Inflatable airbags
In crop preservation, temperature is on of the most important elements that impacts the quality of crops.  In order to store products such as potatoes, onions and carrots better, a solution was needed to keep the temperature within the storage as even as possible. Together with Tolsma, Sidijk introduced the inflatable airbags to the market and developed them to perfection. By using inflatable hoses between the storage boxes, an airtight space is created. In this way all the storage boxes are cooled the same way and an even climate is created. In addition, the system is easy and safe to use, as it can be operated from the ground and the bags can be easily moved on a rail.

Innovation first!
In the future, together with Tolsma and agrarians, Sidijk will continue to look for new possibilities and (customized) solutions to make business even safer, smarter and more efficient. That how we make sure we enable farmers the create the best storage climate for their crops.

We look forward to many more innovative years together with Tolsma-Grisnich!

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