Pop-up summer amusement park Omnium

At the Omnium in Zeeland you can find a large range of (outdoor)sports and playing facilities: from tropical forest to swimming pool. Yet there was something missing…: bad-weather facilities for the summer. In this way the idea for the first pop-up amusement park in the Netherlands came about…

Omnium commissioned us to develop a challenging play concept that can be built every summer in one of the sports halls. We envisaged an amusement park with more than 50 attractions: air cushions, obstacle courses, slides, a water course and a trampoline cage.

Ultimate flexibility

The strength of this concept is its flexibility. After the summer season the amusement park is ‘dismantled’ and the sports hall can be used for other purposes. In the winter we provide the maintenance for all attractions along with Omnium. When the summer returns, we build the amusement park back up in no time.

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