Transport Transport

  Sidijk is happy to arrange the transport for you. There is an effective collaboration with external... Read more

Repair Repair

  There is always a risk of damage where there is sport, games or work. Be aware that Sidijk organises repairs... Read more

Maintenance Maintenance

The ease of PVC is also in its maintenance. You keep PVC material clean by using a moist cloth (without cleaning... Read more

Printing Printing

  Important directions with regards to delivering files for the production of large format prints. Delivery of... Read more

Safety Safety

  With sports, games and work the bar is high when it concerns safety. That is why we use reliable materials at... Read more

Assembly team Assembly team

  We want to offer you the maximum quality. And that is why we like to keep things in our own hands. Design,... Read more

Design Design

  Do you have a colourful idea? Something out of the ordinary? Know that anything is possible with PVC. In terms... Read more