The exceptional ease of Easy Silage

Increasingly more livestock farmers discover the ease of Easy Silage. No more hassle silaging with agricultural plastic, sandbags and car tyres. A cover system that is remote controlled where you can keep the quality of the grass silage at a constant level. In all weather conditions.

The Reitsma family from Pingjum also opted for Easy Silage. They had an extra wish with this: a machine that drove next to the existing silage silo and not over it. In order that the machine could also operate a second silo adjacent to it in the long term. Because the machine is equipped with a steering system and its height and width can be adjusted, we could offer them this flexibility.

Simplifying silage storage

The Easy Silage system of the Reitsma family can cover two silage silos from the central aisle. The machine can be fully operated with a remote control, with (24 volts) battery energy, powered by solar panels. This makes silage storage and feeding very easy.

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