Fresh air for a healthy climate

Fresh air in a large room such as a stable, shed or hall is essential for a good climate. Sidijk ventilation hoses and barn curtains are therefore specially produced to your space and needs.

Fresh air with stable ventilation

How does it work? Ventilation hoses are hung at the top of the room with ventilation holes in it. The fans blow fresh air through the hoses that are distributed in the room. Besides providing the room with fresh air, it also chases away flying vermin. The perfect solution for stables.

Tailor-made stable curtains

Are you looking for a side wall ventilation which also serves as a sunscreen? Do you want completely closed curtains with manual or automatic operation? Our partner Airkoe has many different types of stable curtain systems in its range, matching your wishes and requirements. Sidijk manufactures curtains to measure for you. By combining the ventilation hoses in a barn with barn curtains, you can achieve optimum climate control that is adapted to your farm.

Sidijk: the manufacturer of ventilation hoses and barn curtains

Sidijk is the partner for the production and installation of all types and sizes of ventilation hoses and barn curtains and has been working with Airkoe for years on sustainable solutions. How do we do that? Our designers work with AutoCad, and then cut the fabric on our CadCam cutting machine, which guarantees secure sizing. The technical textiles are then high-frequency welded or sewn in our experienced sewing department. The formula for premium quality.


Sidijk delivers custom-made solutions for every room and every environment. Therefore, our ventilation hoses and stable curtains are available in any desired size. In addition, you can choose from different colours of technical textiles as standard. The materials are sewn according to your preference or seamless high-frequency welded.


  • Fresh air for the perfect climate
  • Optimal stable ventilation with ventilation hoses and stable curtains
  • Proven partner of Airkoe
  • Strong connections by high-frequency welding and/or sewing
  • Secure dimensioning by working with AutoCad and CadCam cutting machines
  • The PVC is strong, flexible and has a long lifespan
  • Standard choice of many different colours
  • Fully custom-made

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