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Sidijk training products: The safe basis for athletes!

Looking for a landing mat, Plyo box, FlikFlakker or CreaQbus? Sidijk delivers safe training products that help athletes to improve their skills and give them confidence. Now made of durable TPU materials!

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The best learning environment for athletes

Allow athletes to perform to the maximum. That is the purpose of our training materials, but even more important is safety. With all our training products you create a challenging but also a safe basis for athletes of all ages. In this way, exercises can always be performed in a safe way.

Soft training materials for all ages

Exercising with soft training materials builds the self-confidence that makes young gymnasts advanced athletes. Proper training products help every athlete to the next level. Learn how to do gymnastics with the Easyflip or FlikFlakker, do gymnastics exercises with the Plyobox or let the youngest ones master their technique.

Versatile application

Our training products are made of foam elements covered with PVC. In this way, the training products are sturdy, soft and wear-resistant. The training products are suitable for gymnastics, free running, martial arts, but also in trampoline parks or for gymnastics lessons at school. Combine several Sidijk training products with, for example, an AirTrack for the ideal training session!

High-quality materials

As a school or sports club, you prefer to invest in equipment that will last for years. Sidijk offers that quality. Our products are made of high-quality materials and are produced with the greatest care. In short, an asset to any gym or training hall.


Safety is our top priority. As a supplier of various Olympic Winter Games, our origins lie in top-class sport. All products are developed with top athletes and are produced according to the latest techniques and with the best materials.


  • High-quality materials
  • Fire-resistant and wear-resistant
  • Designed according to the latest safety standards
  • Available in various colours or in full-colour print
  • Made of durable TPU materials ♻️

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