Silo pit covers

Top-quality silage covers for optimal storage of roughage.

For optimal preservation of roughage, silage covers are essential. Sidijk produces made-to-measure silage covers from technical textiles. This flexible material is strong, durable and of high-quality. Therefore, the silage covers of Sidijk last much longer than the traditional sheets.


Enhancing the covering process

Covering silos in the traditional way with foil and piles of tires is a heavy and time-consuming job. An automatic covering system ensures faster access to the roughage and that the work can be done by one person. Also the lasagna silage process; the ensilage of different grass cuts over each other, is a piece of cake with an automatic cover system. More and more farmers are therefore opting for quality and efficiency by investing in an Easy Silage cover system for their trench silo. Sidijk is world’s leading manufacturer of silage covers for silage cover systems.

Partner of Easy Silage: specialist in covering roughage

Easy Silage is the supplier of automatic cover systems for covering roughage in Europe. Sidijk has been a partner of Easy Silage from the start. We produce high quality silage covers for projects worldwide. By combining knowledge and skills, Easy Silage and Sidijk know how to develop products that are both innovative and unique. Working smarter, more efficient and safer. That’s the target!

Technical textile silage cloths

Our designers work with AutoCad, and then cut the fabric on our CadCam cutting machine, guaranteeing secure dimensions. The seamless high-frequency welding of the PVC material makes the cover completely air- and watertight. Our materials are strong, flexible and have a longer lifespan than the standard silage fabrics.

Over 40 years of experience worldwide

Sidijk has been processing technical textile products for the agricultural and industrial sector for over 40 years. With a production facility of more than 8500 m2, an experienced sewing department and a large welding department with several high-frequency welding machines, Sidijk is able to manufacture silage covers in any size. From our facility in The Netherlands, we supply products worldwide!


  • Guarantee the quality of the roughage
  • Reduce labour intensity and increase efficiency
  • Much more durable than traditional covers
  • Suitable for any covering system
  • High-quality technical textile with long life span
  • Strong air and watertight joints by high-frequency welding
  • Fully custom made; Any size possible
  • Proven partner of Easy Silage

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