Inflatable airbags

Create the ideal storage climate for your crops

When large batches of onions or potatoes need forced ventilation for preserving, our inflatable airbags are increasingly being chosen for. We offer both horizontal and vertical sealing channels, in all possible lengths, thicknesses and colours.


Create the optimal storage climate

The great advantage of sealing boxes with inflatable sealing channels is that you have the freedom to choose a combination of suction and blowing.

This is how it works: the boxes with potatoes, onions or other crops are stacked in long rows, with a distance of about 50-60 cm between them. The sealing channels, also called air hoses or inflatable airbags, are always slightly larger in diameter than the distance between the boxes. In this way the best sealing is achieved. The air hose is put together airtight with a high-frequency welding machine. In combination with a forced ventilation system, an optimum storage climate is created.

Safety and convenience

Sidijk likes to think along with you in order to optimize production processes in terms of ease of work, but also in terms of occupational health and safety. Therefore, it is possible to mount the vertical inflatable airbags on a rail and to place the control of both the vertical and horizontal airbags at the bottom. Working many metres on dangerous heights is thus greatly reduced and the work is made a lot easier.

In sum: Sidijk is the partner for the production of the sealing ducts, regardless of which forced ventilation system is used.


  • Optimal storage of crops
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Insensitive to malfunctions
  • High quality technical textiles with long life span
  • Choice of various colours
  • Strong airtight connections by high-frequency welding
  • Fully custom-made

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