Freedom Gaming

Speed, obstacles, teamwork…. Go!

Race amongst challenging elements, climb through impressive obstacles and hunt the sensor pods that are lit in your team’s colour. Hit the pods to score as many points as possible.. Move fast, though – the clock is ticking!  This thrilling new game is all about speed, obstacles and teamwork . Let’s play!

NEW: Freedom Gaming

The Freedom Gaming® Arena is a brand new concept, based on Rugged Interactive’s innovative new game platform and Sidijk’s industry leading adventure play design skills. Obstacles, technology and teamwork combine to create the ultimate high-speed adventure. In an arena packed with physical challenges, participants hunt for the pods that light up in their team’s colour. Climb, crawl, jump or run through the obstacles to hit the pod and get the points. This game is fun for both young and old!


Multiple obstacles modules are spread across the Freedom Gaming Arena, each with its own unique challenge for players to overcome. Across the obstacles, pods are placed in positions that are hard to reach. As the game starts, the pods light up in the colours of the participating teams. Each team has to find and hit the pods that are lit in their team’s colour. As soon as a pod is hit, it becomes another team’s colour. The aim of the game? Find more pods and score more points than your opponents.

Challenging obstacles

Freedom Gaming can be made as challenging as you want it to be. With our new series of obstacle modules, we help you create a Freedom Gaming Arena that brings challenges to all ages. With a wide range of different modules to choose from, we create an Arena that perfectly suits your location and visitors. The obstacle modules range from climbing towers and ball pool areas to climbing walls and more.

Freedom Gaming within existing areas

Freedom Gaming is designed to be used in combination with obstacle modules, but it can also be integrated within the existing play areas. For example: Place the pods within your indoor playground or trampoline park and add a completely new dimension to it. Contact Jelmer for more information.

Safety & regulations

Safety is our top priority. That’s why all our play structures are designed according to the latest safety standards. Our projects are always certified according to the appropriate standard before delivery.

Powered by Freedom Gaming® from Rugged Interactive


  • Create a challenging Freedom Gaming Arena with unique obstacle modules;
  • Hit and go! – No wristbands needed
  • Freedom Gaming is the best game to play in teams;
  • Short games, maximum fun and a very good business model;
  • The pods are made of high quality materials to resist hits for years to come!
  • Optimal use of available space;
  • Integration with existing elements;
  • As standalone attraction or as an addition to your trampoline park or indoor playground.

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