The best and safest airbags for every location!

A BigAirBag completes your trampoline park! Visitors do the most amazing tricks and always end up having a soft landing. The BigAirBag provides maximum shock absorption so your visitors dare to do the coolest tricks. Great to combine with various elements and always delivered in full-colour print!


Excellent impact absorption, soft landings

The BigAirBag ensures minimal impact after a high fall. Therefore, this large fall cushion is very suitable to combine with a trampoline, jumping block, climbing wall or jumping towers of different heights.

Easy to exit!

The BigAirBag consists of many different air pillars, covered by a top sheet. This special construction makes it easy for people to leave the airbag after they jumped into the airbag. This allows more people per minute to use the BigAirBag area which increases the number of users, and therefore the capacity of your park.

BigAirBag in combination with various elements

The size of an airbag can be adjusted according to the elements selected. At Sidijk we deliver custom-made solutions. We like to think along with you and always find the best format and matching elements for your area. The BigAirBag is usually placed in a pit in a Trampoline park, but the BigAirBag can also be placed as a standalone. Tip: Provide the top sheet of your airbag with a full-colour print in the style of your park!

Safety & regulations

Safety is our top priority. That’s why all our play structures are designed according to the latest safety standards. Our projects are always certified according to the appropriate standard before delivery. Read more.


  • Excellent impact absorption;
  • Topsheet fully customizable in the style of your park
  • High quality materials
  • Low in maintenance
  • Easy to exit! It is very easy to exit the BigAirBag area, which increases the number of people who can use the BigAirBag per minute
  • Designed according to the latest safety standards
  • Including blower(s)

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