Irrigation hoses

Irrigate your grasslands easily and effectively

Dry periods with little rainfall are disastrous for grasslands. A dry parcel of irrigated land using Sidijk’s irrigation hoses is then the solution to counteract the drought. Keep your grass in good condition with our water hoses.

Keep soil-life intact with irrigation hoses

If the land is too dry you want to prevent the good grasses from losing the grassy weeds at all costs. Irrigation of the land with water from surrounding streams ensures that the soil-life remains intact. Sidijk offers water hoses in every size to irrigate your farmland. This way you can extract plenty of grass from the land so you don’t have to buy extra feed for your cattle.

Unique hole pattern for proportional irrigation

Sidijk’s irrigation hoses are made of extremely strong reinforced PVC. With our innovative AutoCad programs and cutting machines, we can accurately determine and cut the holes in the hose. From the experience of previously made irrigation hoses, a hole pattern is applied over the entire length of the water hose. At the beginning of the hose, there are holes with a small diameter, increasing to holes with a larger diameter. The water hose can be attached to a water pump by means of a hose clamp or clip (possibly supplied with a pump).

Effective in mice control

In addition to keeping the grassland in good condition, irrigating the plot has the advantage that it can also be used to combat any mice plagues. The water fills up the mouse holes and the creatures come to the surface. Here they fall prey to the birds.

Irrigation hoses available in various sizes

Sidijk delivers custom solutions. Most irrigation hoses are made with a diameter of 30 cm and are about 300 – 400 metres long. Do you need a different size? Longer, shorter, thicker or thinner? Contact us, we like to think along with you!


  • Delivery time: 5-7 working days
  • Fully customized
  • One solution, endless possibilities
  • High-quality technical textile with a long life span
  • Standard choice of many different colours
  • Strong connections by high-frequency welding

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