New standard: giant leap to safer trampoline parks

18 December 2017

Trampoline parks are becoming increasingly popular. But how is the safety of these parks? Can you as visitor assume that a Dutch park is 100% safe, that the correct products and materials are used? That staff are properly instructed and that the design meets all quality requirements? Not always… but this is about to change.

Standards committee
Since last year, we participate in a standards committee with industry partners. Here we put agreements on paper about the safety of trampoline parks. Rather exceptional. Strictly speaking a trampoline park is a sports facility. No safety requirements are legally required. But together with our industry partners we feel responsible for the safety of visitors. In addition, we want to create a sustainable market. That is the reason for this initiative.

Uncontrolled growth is imminent
Because, uniform rules are certainly no luxury. Increasingly more distinct products are entering the market thanks to the popularity of trampoline parks. Uncontrolled growth is imminent. We see that certainly not all materials and products are of the same quality. This will compromise safety. They know all about this in England. Research showed that the risk of injury after visiting a trampoline park is increasing.

Prevent accidents
It was the catalyst for the British to be the first in Europe to determine safety agreements and standards (Sidijk was also involved with this). Since the introduction of these standards, the accident risk has dropped enormously. After the British, the Dutch are now taking the initiative with uniform agreements. We already conform to the American ASTM standard. But this is sometimes hard to translate to our situation partly due to using a different metric system.

From material to personnel
Together with the NEN institute and manufacturers and entrepreneurs we now make agreements for the Dutch market. What do we discuss? Materials, design, safety provisions, fire safety. But we also put demands on the expertise of personnel. How do you instruct your visitors? What do you do in the case of material damage and how do you guarantee the safe use of trampolines? We have made some huge progress in a year. The standard is gaining form and will be submitted to NEN next year. The chance is great that the standard will be activated during the course of next year. Here we not only set the safety bar high but also secure it. Good news. For our industry, but more importantly for the visitors of trampoline parks.

Hinke Slump
Project Coordinator

Klaas Siderius
Managing Director

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