Easy Silage: discover the secret behind perfect grass silage

As a farmer you put a lot of time and energy into the feed you produce throughout the year. Preparing and fertilising your land, the harvest itself. Nothing is left to chance in order to achieve the maximum quality of feed. Then why would you settle for less when it comes to the final piece of the process, the storing …?

We all know that silage is a process that requires accuracy (and can be quite a frustrating job). Many factors affect the quality of your roughage. You can have a great harvest, but anything can go wrong during the storage process. How do you prevent mould growth, or the production of excessive heat? How do you ensure an even construction of the various cuts of grass silage? And how do you prevent loss of flavour and feeding value?

Easy Silage
With Easy Silage there is a system on the market to optimally store your roughage. This starts with the tarp with a water system to perfectly secure the grass silage. The water-filled hoses (fill with salt water in winter) ensure the right stretch and a tight seal. Therefore, no tarp blowing in the wind, or air in the silage pit. And therefore a lower risk of mould growth, or the production of excessive heat. Tyres or sandbags cannot beat this. The system is quickly and automatically filled: quickly providing a tight seal of the grass silage, even at midnight.

Quickly cover and unwind
In addition, the machine can be controlled remotely. Covering or rolling up a silo is completed in less than 30 minutes. Quickly unloading the silo is guaranteed. And with the silage, this system ensures simply building and storing the cuts of grass silage layer by layer. Add a new cut? A matter of rolling up the tarp, drive up with the grass silage and unrolling the tarp. This makes you less dependent on the weather conditions and you can even store grass silage fairly dry during rain showers.

The perfect lasagne that pays for itself
Partly thanks to Easy Silage you create a perfect lasagne pit of good cuts of grass silage. This means that the quality of the roughage you have in-house is high. You therefore have to buy less feed. In addition, dairy farmers using Easy Silage, will see the improved quality of feed in their milk yield. The investment in Easy Silage (depending on the size of your silos) can therefore already be recouped in five years. And the extra convenience it offers is a great bonus. Because the covering and unwinding is fully automated: with a remote control. Making silage and unloading the silo a piece of cake. And you simply have less concerns about the quality of the grass silage. With Easy Silage you know that this is all perfectly fine. 

Ronald Rotteveel
Managing Director

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